I had a few of my clients give a testimonial about their experience with having me as their Wardrobe Consultant. Here are some responses:

“I recently had a baby and needed help coming up with outfits that fit my new ‘job’.  Whitney came over and immediately went to work purging clothes that I had not worn in years and clothes that looked worn.  I told her I was in need of outfits that were most importantly
comfortable and I could wear while chasing my toddler but also to lunch with friends.  She then made me the most fabulous and helpful “look book”with the clothes that I had and also a few new outfits we purchased together.  Still a year later, I love my look book!   It saves me hours standing in my closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear!”  Whitney knew how to incorporate my simple style but helped me to add needed color and accessories.  I now feel less stressed when getting dressed and more confident knowing that I look put together.”

— Emily Monroe, TN

“I was nervous that you wouldn’t have outfits to make but overcame the nervousness and uncertainty with the realization that I really needed your help! Felt very comfortable from the moment you walked in, and trusted your judgement based on your style and vast knowledge!

Money very well spent. Highly recommend to anyone who is even slightly considering, you will be very happy with anything Whitney helps you with.

My look book is wonderful, I don’t spend wasted time in the morning trying to decide what I should wear. 
I feel more confident wearing the outfits you have picked out for me which eliminates a lot of added stressor in my life, who knew how much a good wardrobe could change things!  The whole experience has been a ton of fun, Whitney is way beyond just a wardrobe consultant, she has helped me pick colors for other areas of my home I was unsure on and the use of pinterest was genius.”

— Karlie Johnson, WI

“My nervousness was due to my insecurity with my clothing. I completely trusted you and was encouraged by the small pile of things that you recommended I toss or replace. I have a vision now of what does and does not go well together. I found the online shopping very helpful. As I do no have time for shopping at this stage in my life. Four children running around a store or playing in the dressing room just doesnt work well for me.”

— Kathryn Sanford, LA

“Blouses and boots and Whitney for winter! What more does one need. I recently came to Atlanta and needed help shopping for some new clothes due to a new menopause middle.  When I first saw Whitney I knew it was going to work.  She looked beautifully understated casual and confident.  I chose Whitney from a range of consultants based on her web site and her back and forth communication.  I had no issue trusting Whitney shortly after meeting.  She put me at ease and off we went. The services she gave me were phenomenal.  She knew exactly what to get for my body type.  She introduced me to my new favorite store Rebecca Taylor.  I loved that Whitney explained to me the concept of proportions and how a little bit of alteration can make all the difference.  I am now confident and trust my eye for my winter look, but will want to get together again with Whitney for some summer clothes.  I would recommend Whitney to anyone looking for some wardrobe help.  She is gifted in helping people dress and look great working within their budget and body proportions.  The time spent with Whitney flew by and I could have spent any day easily if budget and time allowed.”

— Cathy Good, FL

“In thinking about hiring Whitney, I knew I would be embarrassed to have someone look at my closet, my clothes, etc. My clothes were very outdated, and I knew it was time for change.  I made a decision that it was time to address the closet.  I work all the time and kept procrastinating in thinking I would spend a Saturday in my closet and decided to let Whitney organize it for the jumpstart. She advised me that I could keep and hem and or showed me how to mix it with something else. Whitney actually saved me money because I would have discarded some pieces, and she taught me to re-vamp my wardrobe.” 

—  Ellen Carter, LA

“I stress about what to wear to events, but with my book, I am confident that my look is appropriate, but often a little “edgier” than my friends are comfortable with.  I like to standout, but not too much.  Your choices for me are spot on.”

— Peggy Stewart, TX

“My Tween daughter did not know how to put colors together and was resistant to my advice. She thought that if you wore a pair of moss green shorts, you had to wear a top with green. She did not understand the concept of neutral colors. My daughter had a wonderful time with Whitney and felt very comfortable asking her questions. She said they had so much fun. We have used Whitney several times for teaching sessions.”

—  Sandra Walkin, LA